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Surprising Reasons Why You Should Visit Edmonton

One of the first things you may notice when you land at the airport is the large open spaces and its natural beauty.

On the longest day of the year, the sun rose at 5:04 a.m. and didn’t set again until 10:07 p.m and even then you can watch the suns glow rotate on the horizon back for sun rise.

Edmonton’s Natural Beauty

With the largest urban park in all of North America that stretches the whole North Saskatchewan river Valley. The park is so vast that it is a whopping 22 times larger than New York’s Central Park!

The Mill Creek Ravine is a popular fascination with paths and a great deal of fauna and flora to visit. Have a walk and revel in peace and quiet while at town. The paths are great for exploring any time of the year and exceptionally good for a bicycle ride.

William Hawrelak Park is a venue for many festivals but it’s good to see anytime also. Have a paddleboat for a ride, have a picnic or just explore the paths. In winter there’s a skating pond to the more energetic guest.

If your taste is indoor all-natural beauty take a trip to Muttart Conservatory. The botanical garden is not only a tourist attraction. Additionally, it is a center for scientific study.

 CanadaThere’s also a broad selection of birds such as herons, owls, and geese.

Tour the Legislature

A hang out for the locals and tourists alike is the legislature grounds. Many cities have beautiful government buildings, but Edmonton turns it into a whole new level by making it into what feels like a play park. Situated on  57 acres of ground by Riverbend Bridge to Downtown Edmonton this building is picture perfect with a wading pool that turns to glass with brilliant reflections of this expansive Legislature Building and is especially beautiful at night if it’s all lit up. There is also a fountain, smaller wading pools, an interpretive center, temples, gardens, memorials, interactive outdoor art and much more.

If you are taking a tour the manual will inform you the background of this construction, reveal the mostly architectural attributes and artwork of this construction, describe a little bit of the governmental process from Alberta, and will also tell you a little about a few of the most well-known premiers. A curious characteristic within the building is that the palm trees growing round the interior of the dome of this legislature construction; the way they got there’s unknown but they are thought to have come from California in the 1930’s.

There is even a spot where the acoustics of the building sound like your directly under a waterfall.

Partake at a Festival

Know for it’s festivals it’s actually called “Festival City”. There are so many festivals in Edmonton that we can’t even count (and we’re locals!). By Arts & Design to Musical, even theater festivals fully cover the whole landscape of town and provides an energetic environment to the people. 

Leave it to Edmontonians to throw a festival at any time of the year, for almost any occasion. The summer is jammed packed from the Folk Festival to the Fringe, Pride, K Days, Silver Skate, Symphone Under the Sky and the list goes on- there’s no shortage of reasons to let the good times roll.

You’ll never run out of options or things to do here since they’re organized regularly to lite up the disposition of their visitors! You could even indulge in lots of games along with other displays for power-packed amusement.

Go Back In Time

In Edmonton time travel is real and no flux-capasitor required. You and your family may enjoy a fun blast into the past at Fort Edmonton Park. It presents historic recreations which hark back into the town’s history, crossing the North American fur trade, Alberta’s oil boom, along with the foundation of the Canadian Pacific Railway. You may see live demos in the 1846 Hudson’s Bay Company Fort, relive a settler’s travel on a horse-pulled lane, dress up in period clothes, or ride on a steam train.

Historic Ukraine is also just a 45 minute drive away. This living history museum showcases Ukraine through different decades.

The Food is to Die For

Learn about the background of Edmonton by eating your way around it! With a huge influx of Ukrainians from the early 20th century, you can enjoy a big brunch of eastern European delicacies before venturing out to explore the 104th Street Market. It was interesting to meet local producers and sample everything from gyozas and meat pies to indulgent salted caramels. If you are eager to try some amazing eats you came to the right city!

Getting to Edmonton

A lot of Edmontons tourism is from others within the province and the remained being from Canada. Most people will fly to the Edmonton International Airport and then take a taxi to thier hote.

Create a Plan

There are many things to do in Edmonton you have to plan. Examine the festival calendar and clean your journal. Create a date with family and friends and take time out for to understand Edmonton. For more fun things to do in Edmonton check out this blog.