At Community Couch we are the cozy starting place for your article. Articles that start off on our site often get syndicated to over 100 news sites across North America distributing your content in front of millions. 

We have chosen to have strict guidelines from the start to create an authority site. If you do not have an article but want an article written with a high quality link we can write one for you for an additional cost.

  1. What type of content do we want?
  2. What type of content do we NOT want?
  3. What format do we want articles?
  4. Before you submit checklist
  5. What to expect once you submitted your article
  6. I don’t have an article can you write one for me?
  7. How can you distribute my content?
  8. Article Submission Form

What type of content do we want?

We want original content that is informational and non-promotional. Readers come to us for information on a variety of categories.  We want informational posts on the following categories:

  • Automotive
  • Beauty & Style (Fashion)
  • Business (Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Investing)
  • Entertainment & Culture
  • Food
  • Health
  • Lifestyle (Home & Family)
  • Technology
  • Travel

What type of content do we NOT want?

News starts here. When you submit an article you get the opportunity to also publish your article on over 100 news sites across North America. These sites do not allow us to post a variety of categories so we will not allow topics on the following categories:

  • Adult & Sex
  • Alcohol
  • Cosmetic Procedures & Body Modifications
  • Dating
  • Explosives
  • Gambling & Casino
  • Guns
  • Illicit Drugs
  • Politics and International News
  • Sexual Reproductive Health
  • Tobacco
  • Weapons
  • COVID-19

What format do we want articles?

At Community Couch we get a lot of articles for submission. It would be great if you can help us out. Following these guidelines will help us create an authority blog

  1. Article Length – Articles submitted should be a minimum of 800 words but we recommend 1000 to 2000 words. If it’s any less than 800 words we will not post it. We will not respond.
  2. Topics – Information based topics aimed at motivating and educating our readers.
  3. Authoritative Articles – We are looking for authority, original articles.
  4. Listicles – If your article is not a listicle it will likely not get added
  5. Trustworthy Sources – Articles should have trust worthy, top level sources. Do not rely on another article for a source. Search out the top level source and link to that. A good article has an outbound like to a source and the URL of your choice.
  6. Anchor Text – Anchor text should be natural and flow with the article. We are looking for readers and not just SEO.
  7. Link Building – We understand that building links to your site is important. Links should be non promotional and be included in a relevant way. 
  8. Target Readers – We are targeting English speaking countries. If you have a link going back to a country not in a primarily English speaking country it will be ignored.
  9. Clean Format –
    1.  All links must be included in your article. We will not link to them. 
    2. All headers must be H2 or greater. By Default our Titles are H1 tags. Only the first word in sub-headers can have a capital. BOLD TEXT IS NOT A HEADER
    3. DO NOT double space after a paragraph.
    4. Lists must be in HTML. The main item of a list should be in bold explainer text after will have a space, hyphen then a space.

Before you submit checklist

Before you submit your article please make sure it follows the above guidelines and is free of grammatical errors. We get lots of articles and will not accept sloppy and untidy articles. In your article did you:

  1. Complete a proof read? – Articles that have errors will not be accepted.
  2. Did you interview Someone? – If you interviewed someone make sure to quote them and mention them in your article.
  3. Do you have links to your sources? – If you cite or quote an article, study or statistic be sure to link to your sources.
  4. Is your content original? – Our editorial team will look not only at Copyscape but other sources to make sure the article is original.
  5. Make sure your article isn’t overly promotional – We want to share the wealth and generate high quality, in-content links to your site. Articles that are overly promotional will not be accepted by our news network and will not be accepted by Community Couch.

What to expect once you submitted your article

Once you have submitted your article our editors will make sure you have met the above guidelines. It may take some time for our team to go through all the articles. Due to large volumes we will not reply if your article has been rejected.

If your article has been approved a member of our team will send you an email confirming your article has been posted.