Benefits of Building Envelope Maintenance

Why should you maintain your external buildings and sky scrapers?

  • Ensure safety — The first reason is ensuring that those living in the building and those surrounding it are safe. Falling bricks or unstable buildings can be a health hazard as they can lead to accidents.
  • Save on future cost — If you let your building deteriorate over the years, you will incur more charges to reinstate it. However, if you regularly maintain your external architecture and sky scrapers, you will avoid such charges.
  • Attract more tenants — If you have commercial houses, maintenance an excellent marketing strategy. People tend to get attracted to beautiful things first.
  • Add value to your building — The other benefit of proper maintenance is to add value to your building. If you want to sell your building in the future, it is essential to ensure that you maintain it for it fetch more in the market.

Types of maintenance tactics


Regular painting is one way of proper maintenance. The external of any structure is prone to environmental factors such as rain, sunlight, and extreme temperatures. The original paint may wear off, and if you want your building to look brand new, ensure you repaint regularly.

For sky scrapers, when painting, you may require rope access since it is not possible to reach all parts conveniently. Also, ensure that the paint you choose is of good quality and the color rhymes with the rest of the building.

Regular cleaning

Regular cleaning will ensure that your building will last for a relatively long period. You can clean the exterior of your building once per year or twice. Cleaning ensures you remove all debris and dirt that are present on the surface.

You can also clean your windows, gutters, and doors occasionally. Dirty windows and doors are not very pleasing and will often give the wrong image about the interior of the house. Everybody loves a clean house with a great environment. Thus you cannot debate the importance of cleaning.

In the cleaning process, you can use a brush and a detergent to clean all exterior parts. For parts that you cannot adequately reach, you will need to use a rope access for easier access.

Inspect your roof

Your roof might start to leak over time. You can regularly inspect your roof to ensure that there are no leakages in your house. Leakage can cause water to incorporate in your house, thus causing damage to the interior. Damages common include the growth of fungi such as mold and dumpy conditions in your home.

Once you locate the source of leakage, you can repair it. If the damage is too extensive, you can replace the roof. For most sky scrapers, you will need to use rope acces to reach those areas. However, you may need a professional to carry out some of the roof repairs.

Masonry repairs

Components such as bricks or marble can lose their integrity over time. They can crack or detach from the building, thus interfering with the stability of your structure. You can repair the cracks that are often as a result of this masonry damages. If you don’t have the technical know-how, you can consult a professional masonry for expert repair.


Caulking is another repair strategy for the exterior of your building. Caulk is generally used as a sealant to seal cracks that occur around doors or windows but can be used in other areas such as sealing pipes and concrete so there is no water seepage.

Bottom line

The need for proper high-rise maintenance is critical. It extends the life of the building and gives the street appeal to attract clients be is store owners, residents or clients. Doing regular preventative maintenance will help reduce costs in the long run and reduce any surprises like leaky roofs. We recommend general maintenance once a year and schedule minor repairs after every three months. You can use rope access to ensure you reach every part of the building. Don’t let your guests question your buildings integrity. 

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